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Hey Folks!!!! Welcome to another Weight Loss Wednesday update!!! If you are new to the party, I have been following the Weight Watchers Freestyle program for 6 weeks now. Catch up on the updates over on my YouTube channel! After a fairly disappointing week 5, I headed into week 6 with renewed determination. I stuck to the plan. I guzzled down plenty of water. I exercised. Thursday evening was supposed to be the first day of weight training. But Thursday took a terrifying turn…

I woke early to help my niece with her hair. Nevaeh was up at 7:15 am. We had breakfast. I had coffee. Once everyone was off to school and work. Nevaeh and I headed upstairs to get dressed. It was wash day for her, so I got her dressed and took her braids out. Then I let her go play so I could get dressed. I sat down on the bed to respond to an email and that is the moment I felt pain and pressure in my chest. It radiated to my back and up under my arms. It was the second time this has happened in a week. So I immediately called my Mom and told her I needed to go to ER. She left work right away. While I waited for her, I packed all the things Nevaeh and I would need for a few hours. By the time my Mom got there the pain/pressure had subsided. We headed to a Dignity Health ER.

They wasted no time when I said I had chest pains. I gave her my ID and insurance card and I was whisked to the back. In a matter of minutes, I was talking to a doctor about my symptoms and hooked up to an IV. I was given an EKG, a chest x-ray, and they took blood. A few hours later, the doctor asked if I would be okay to stay overnight. Things seemed normal, but he was keen to figure out what happened. He ran another blood test, then came back and said it was abnormal and I needed to be transferred to the hospital. At this point, I no longer had the choice to stay or go. His exact words were “it would be unwise not to stay.” I was going to be admitted.

30 minutes later I was in an ambulance. On the ride over my blood pressure was checked. It was dangerous high! At the hospital, I was wheeled past triage and straight into my room. When the doctor came to see me I was told that my blood test showed that my Troponin level was .45. Normal is .003. Which meant that there was some damage to my heart and could possibly mean some heart disease. Since I was asymptomatic, I was put on a blood thinner and checked every six hours to see if my Troponin levels dropped. They didn’t.

My mom and Nevaeh kept me in good spirits while they were there, but alone in my room all I could do was cry. My family and friends rallied and prayers began on my behalf. My mom was a rock. I know she was scared, but she never let me see that. She took charge of my baby so I didn’t have to worry. I spent my first night away from my daughter in a hospital bed, crying because I had probably suffered a heart attack and I had no idea what was going to happen. It was horrible.

The next morning the cardiologist came to see me and said that yes there had been a mild attack or mild stress to the heart. He told me he was going to perform a Heart Catheterization to see what was going on. If they found anything wrong they would fix it. If all was well, I could go home. My mom and Nevaeh were back at about lunch time. When they came to take me at 3:30 pm, Nevaeh cried. So she rode on the bed with me holding her until we had to part ways. Thankfully she went calmly to my mom, but she kept her eyes on me while they walked away.

I will spare you the details of the procedure, for which I was wide awake. There was music and talk of the Kardashians as the procedure progressed. At the end…there was good news! My heart was ok. There had been some stress/strain, but there were no blockages. No need for stents. I was clear to go home!!!! The cause of the pressure in my chest was my blood pressure being too high. In the end, I had to stay another night for observation. I was fine with that. I spent the time writing this blog post, and assuring my friends and family that, with some lifestyle changes and renewed dedication to watching my blood pressure, I was going to be just fine.

This was a terrible scare. I am grateful to have so many prayer warriors in my corner. I am so glad I was able to go home to my baby. This weight loss mission has taken on even more urgency and I will be taking steps to reduce my stress levels going forward. If you have high blood pressure, please be diligent about your care. Take your medicine. Monitor your pressure at home. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Protect your life. I know I will be.

Be blessed! Take care of yourself. I’ll see you all next week!

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