Hello again!! Well the time has come for me to transition into sharing what my life is like as a single mom. I’ve decided to kick things off with a brand new series of videos and posts entitled the Single Mom Series. This series will cover the major things I have learned are a necessity in order for me to, not just survive, but to flourish in this new role as single mom to my miracle baby!The first video in this series deals with my most pressing issue, child care. In this video I share how I found and hired a nanny. If you haven’t seen that video yet, you can watch it at the end of this post.

One of the most important things a single mom needs is someone they trust to look after the baby or babies while she brings home the bacon. I am no different. I don’t know about you, but leaving my two month old baby to return to work ripped my heart apart. I’m sure it was months before I could leave my house without crying. In the beginning, I took some comfort in the fact that I was leaving her with her Grammy. That comfort was fleeting, because my mom eventually had to return to work as well. Then it got real. I needed child care.

If you’re a working mom, then you will no doubt understand me when I say that the process of securing child care that doesn’t give you massive anxiety is no small feat. I tried daycare, but I swear every time I picked her up she looked like she’d been crying ALL DAY. Not to mention the inevitable runny nose and separation anxiety on both sides. (I was just as bad as her). In the end though, it came down to practicality. My Mom and I both work weekends. Between her schedule and mine most of the weekdays were covered. We never had to take my daughter to daycare. So I decided to look for someone who could consistently watch her on the weekends in our home. The search for a nanny was on!

It wasn’t easy, but with the help of I was able to locate a pretty impressive pool of potential nannies. The decision to leave my baby with someone I didn’t know was not easy to make. I felt safer using a service like because of the precautions they have built into the app/website. I also liked that I could run a background check right from the app!

If you watched the video, then you are probably looking for some questions to ask a potential nanny. I was out of my depth for this one so I used the resources made available to me by, yep you guessed it, Click here to view an article with interview questions. I can’t stress enough how helpful it was to have this service to help with my search for a nanny.

Now that I have found my perfect nanny, let me share with you some of the benefits I discovered as I close out this post…

  1. 1 on 1 intensive learning time with her nanny has helped my daughter’s language skills tremendously. She’s even learning sign language!
  2. My daughter gets to remain in her own environment.
  3. She gets consistent teaching/care from people she recognizes.
  4. I don’t have to come up with the cash to pay a weekly daycare fee.
  5. I was able to set a pay schedule that works for my budget.
  6. I never need to have cash handy to pay a baby sitter unexpectedly. I just call her nanny.
  7. I come home to a happy chatty toddler, who has learned something new. Most recently, the movements to the Itsy Bitsy Spider!

I’ll stop there! I’m sure there is more. Needless to say, I am very happy with my current child care situation. I can work without distraction or worry and my baby has a great nanny who teaches her, plays with her, and loves her! For the win!!!

I hope the video was helpful to you. If you need a nanny definitely try It worked for me! Here’s a link to get you started!

That’s it for this post! See you soon for the next installment of Midlife Mamma the Chef! Thanks for watching and reading!



  1. Donyell says:

    I’ve used a few times. I used it when I was a babysitter and now I use it to find one. Lol but I don’t trust people watching my daughter. It took me forever to find the first baby sitter and I loved her but then we moved and I haven’t found anyone I liked since then. Thankfully, I can stay at home with her but mama still needs a break every now and then. Especially when I need to get work done. I’m glad you found a nanny that you can trust!!

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