It’s that time of the week again! There’s a brand new video up on my YouTube Channel!!! As my faithful readers, you get it straight to your inbox!! Yay!

Since I began sharing my story I have gotten so many questions. The number of ladies that have commented and shared their stories with me is more than I hoped for. I wanted this project to be about giving hope and inspiration to women who have surpassed the age of 35 and might be feeling discouraged about not becoming a mom…yet. It appears that that is what is happening so I want to be as informative and transparent as possible about what this is like for me as I live it.

I say all that to say that this week’s video provides answers to the commonly asked questions that pop up as I continue to share.  It’s 27+ minutes of me providing honest answers and heart-felt confessions. I hope it helps, that you learn something, and that it gives you hope and inspiration. If you or anyone you know is considering motherhood after 40, or even 35, this video is a must watch!

As always, comment below or on the video if you have additional questions! I’ll be happy to answer them.

That’s all for now! I’ll see you in a few days for the next installment of Midlife Mamma the Chef!


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