Baby “Must Haves” My Baby Didn’t Need: 0-12 Months

Greetings!!!! Midlife Mamma here, and I’m back with another post! This time it’s about baby “must haves”. I watched soooooooo many of these videos on YouTube when I was trying to complete my registry. So I’m sure I don’t have to say this, but I’ll say it anyway. Every baby is different. What one baby loves and another baby will not. The things on this list are things that I really wanted, didn’t end up getting, and ultimately found they were not necessarily a “must have” for me. Okay! Disclaimer done…Let’s get into this list, shall we?

The number 1 thing I wanted was the 4Moms MamaRoo. Oh how I coveted this magical piece of equipment with it’s many “human-like” settings. It appeared on many of the must have lists and got stellar reviews. It was quite impressive and I visited the display during all of my many trips to Babies R Us. Listen, this thing is not cheap. It falls somewhere between $200-$300.  That’s a LOT of coins and since I was dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, my coins needed to stretch far and wide. I didn’t end up getting the MamaRoo, and it turns out I didn’t really need it. Nevaeh was quite happy to sleep in the little sleeper attachment that came with her pack n’ play. I kept it in the family room downstairs and it was easily accessible to the kitchen and the couch. Also, she started rolling over at 2 months so I’m not sure how much use I would have gotten from it, since after two months I wouldn’t have felt safe letting her nap in it, even if she was strapped in. So in the end, the MamaRoo was a “would’ve been nice to have, but glad I saved the cash” item. In fact, I went the entire twelve months without using any type of baby swing.

The 2nd thing on the list is the Nose Frida. This is an item I kept meaning to get, but every time I went to the store I found something more compelling or I needed something else more. It was one of those things where I walked by, stopped, considered, but decided I would get later. When Nevaeh gets congested and needs to have her nose cleared out, I just use a bulb aspirator. Sure, it’s old school, but it gets the job done. I got a grooming/medical kit at my baby shower and it came with a bulb aspirator, but that one was difficult to clean. I now have one that comes apart so I can clean it after each use and that does the trick. I’m guessing that the Nose Frida would be handy, or easier. I don’t have any qualms about the mechanics of it, I just don’t feel like I need to have it. So the Nose Frida is a “meant to get it, but what I have on hand works just fine” item.

Number 3…Muslin Swaddle Blankets. Now I was a swaddle convert. The whole time I was pregnant I didn’t really get the whole swaddling thing. Until a nurse swaddled a crying Nevaeh in the hospital and two seconds later my baby was not only not crying, she was knocked out! Eureka! I thought to myself, “I have got to get me some of those fancy swaddle blankets I kept hearing about on YouTube!” Well….I never got around to getting them. Nevaeh was small and the blankets I got from the hospital worked just fine for her. I also got two easy to use blankets made specifically for swaddling at my baby shower, so I used those as well. Again, Nevaeh was mobile early and soon she was squirming right out of her swaddle and they didn’t work for her anymore. So the fancy swaddle blankets went the way of the MamaRoo and became a “would’ve been nice to have, but glad I saved the cash” item.

Coming in at number 4 are burb cloths. YouTubers love burp cloths. They were on every must have list I came across. So I wanted the cute little buggers. Didn’t get them. I ended up using diaper cloths or a receiving blanket to burp Nevaeh. Diaper cloths are soooo extremely economical. I got a pack of 10 for what I would have spent on a pack of 3 burp cloths. Do I need to mention my coins again? There’s a trend here. I used diaper cloths and receiving blankets from the hospital so I spent very little cash on things to clean up spit up and other baby spills. I’m sure the burp cloths would have worked as well and let’s face it, they are super cute. But for me they were a “would’ve been nice to have, but glad I saved the cash” item.

The 5th thing on the list is a changing station. A changing table was absolutely on my list of must haves. In fact, a friend of mine was going to give me one, which is why I didn’t go out and buy it. We had trouble working out the logistics of getting it from her house to mine and it just never happened. I live in a three story house. Nevaeh spends most of her time on two of those floors. The long and short of this situation is that when I am downstairs with her, I change Nevaeh on the couch or the floor. When she was a newborn I used one of my handy dandy hospital blankets. Now that she’s older I simply put a clean diaper under her before I take off her soiled one. Upstairs, since we share a room right now, it’s just as easy to change her on the bed using a handy dandy hospital blanket or towel. At this point, I can’t even imagine trying to change her on a changing pad, and I’m now looking forward at potty training. So the changing station is a “would’ve been nice to have, but what I have on hand works just fineitem.

At number 6 is the increasingly popular Dock a Tot. A comfy place to lay your baby that “feels like a hug”, what could be better? It’s portable, and it can accommodate a growing baby. This combined with a swaddle could be the stuff dreams are made of, right? I was going to find out. I actually added it to my Amazon cart. However, I think you can guess what I’m going to say, my coins! At the time, the Dock-a-Tot costed upwards of $150. There are different sizes too, so would I potentially have to buy two?!! No thanks! As I mentioned earlier, Nevaeh slept very soundly in her pack n’ play sleeper and in her bassinet. I realized that the Dock-a-Tot was another thing that fell into the same category as the MamaRoo. It was a would’ve been nice to have, but glad I saved the cash” item.

Number 7 is a baby carrier. I specifically wanted the Moby Wrap. Wearing my baby to get things done seemed like a brilliant thing! To be honest, I’m still kind of bummed about this one, because I can absolutely see the benefits. I may have missed the boat, but because I didn’t have one I either had to do things while she was sleeping or do them one-handed. I coped so it wasn’t a “must have”, but I sure in the heck wish I had gotten one. So the Moby Wrap is a “would’ve been nice to have, but Mommy missed the boat” item.

The Boppy Pillow is number 8. I wanted it. I registered for it and was prepared to buy one if I didn’t get one at my baby shower. I had every intention of breastfeeding and the Boppy Pillow is great for that. Made for that. Also, my niece had one when she was a baby and it was absolutely handy. I never got around to getting one. Sadly, I didn’t nurse for very long. Extenuating circumstances cut breastfeeding short for me. For the short time I did nurse, I just held her. She was so tiny and I’m not a small breasted woman. One hand on the breast and one hand on the baby is how I handled that. I was gifted a Boppy Lounger instead. So I suppose the Boppy Pillow is a “would’ve been nice to have, but what I had on hand worked just fine” item.

Finally, at number 9, is the Wubbanub. A pacifier with a stuffed toy attached! How completely adorable is that?! What baby wouldn’t love that? Ummm….mine! Let me explain. I priced this genius invention. It was pricey, but I get it. It was more than just a pacifier. But the way my coins were set up…well you know, by now. So I got the same type of pacifier that is attached to the Wubbanub and tested it out on Nevaeh. She hated that thing! Spit it out instantly. Sooooo it was a no on the Wubbanub. She preferred the Philips Avent pacifiers. Bonus! They only cost about $6 for two! Oh my coins rejoiced! The Wubbanub was a “would’ve been nice to have, but glad I saved the cash” item.

There you have it! All of my coveted baby items that it turns out I could live without. I’m sure these items are fabulous. They simply didn’t make it on to my “must have” list because I got by perfectly fine without them. Does your “holy grail” item appear on this list?

Thanks for reading! What are some baby items you wanted but ended up not needing? What did you use instead? Let me know in the comments below!

See you all in the next one!!! Bye for now!


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